A journey towards your dreams and your inner self


A Asymptotic Journey



Art is the messenger of the soul. All human senses, from gazing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching or gripping, open to a separate experience that helps us step closer to our inner self. Everyone is an artist and a healer.


Nature is like a healing power. Every time standing in front of nature like pastures, flowers, mountains, breezes, or even rain drops falling on your face, do you realize that the hidden truths inside are revealing? A snail can teach us how to slow down our daily life. And a rainbow teaches us how to appreciate painful things.


“It is our trauma that turns us into guardians, my mother told me, it is suffering that strengthens our skin and softens our hearts, and if we learn to live with the ghosts of what had been done to us, we just may be able to save others from the same fate.” – S. T. Gibson


A narrator must first be a good listener. This is one of my favorite quotes from Silent To listen: “When you truly listen, you will not just sit there still in that position; because you are in a state of “communication”. You are communicating with your whole body, your words and your soul.” Yes, listen to you, your inner self now. You will be amazed by the stories you are about to hear.

Q&A in a “Asymptotic Journey”



1 genuine being, 1 courageous heart, 1 open mind, and 1 spreading freedom


Vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and sensation. These 6 are 6 means to fill the experience to answer the question of finding the person truly and deeply in you.

Who has ever counted chokes, painful torments or extreme disappointments when not being able to fully express yourself? And who has ever counted joy through smiles or happiness through the corners of our eyes at the moment when our inner self is accepted and loved?


0 judgment, 0 conviction and 0 speculation. People can only truly open and accept their own souls and feel others’ souls when they give up trying to label. A box cannot hold any new thing when it is full and neither can humans.

Do you feel the same?

Let’s do this together!


“There is never a better time than the present”

“Asymptote” is a long, long story I tell myself, a long long story telling to others, a story I have been listening to, a story having been shared. It is a spot to dig in, explore, and wander in different ways (of this life) to expand and comprehend our multiple individual dimensions. It’s a place to freely walk into yourself and also walk out to yourself.

Thus, OPENING, EXPERIENCING & SHARING are things we can do together.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Remember number 0? Be open to new things that happen and welcome them to your true self.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Don’t just keep ideas in your head, try experimenting with what you notice. Vary it, flip sideways or upside down, do trial and error.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Strength is only gained through diffusion. Let others know your experiences and perspectives in the comment section. If you have a story that you want to share anonymously, be brave and send it to our mailbox, we will do the rest.

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