A lesson to my (future) kid

Little A, you are too noisy. Keep it down. [sign]*
If you stay quiet I will tell you a story about mom and I. Okay?

We used to worked thirty six, three six, hours a day, for months. I know that look. But listen, we had a grand project and we promised to help each other out. So, she got up in the morning and made used of her creativity whole day long. She cooked yummy vegetarian meals. Oh boy, they tasted good, smelled wonderful, and looked amazing on camera. She took classes and read books. She painted in between working the project and participating tons of other activities as much as she could. On a rainy day, her brush touched the sky with sunshine and you could just tell warmness was embracing the room. She drew portraits once in a while. I love the sensation and the liveliness in them as much as the rawness and the exuberance in her other art paintings. She went to bed late almost every night. That when I picked up the project tasks. I usually started to write drafts and waited for her to edit the finals, together. Sometimes my distracted mind wandered into her sleeps, knocking on doors that open to her dreams..
I worked on the project as many hours as I could, very often till the day had gone. We wrote a lot and got rid of lots too, due to our specific standards of satisfaction. You’d better feel so full of yourself here. We both adore you, beside the fact that you’re so cute. Enjoy it when it lasts. Anyway, no more digression. You got it? I gave you a few hints. Aww, I knew that look too, such a smart kid.
Yes, we were a half day apart. That’s why we could fit more than 24 hours into a day. Magical, but I am glad it’s over. We would rather be close, sharing a life. [smile]
It’d probably be a good story to fool your mate later, when you grow bigger.

We had a great time working together, remotely but very closely with mutual respects. The project is a success. This is a story I will brag about for years to come. The greatest lesson is if you love something, put your passion and your soul into it and accept the down moments. Being collaborated, working smartly, and putting in efforts. If you feel stuck, let it out. If you feel uninspired, blow up your frustration. Just remember to give you some time. Dare to get mad at yourself and the other [skip a half beat], but do it with your heart. It will soften difficulties, melt down obstacles, and wipe out negativity. At the end of the day, it’s your determination, your passion, and your love that will conquer everything. [blink blink]*

Little A, I can’t believe you’re napping at the peak of my story. How rude!

Well, I think I like your loud meow meow earlier better. It’s annoying but it doesn’t bruise my ego. After all, that’s the only noise you can make anyway. [chuckle]*

*[words] in square brackets are to describe narrator’s emotional expressions.

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